College Relations and Advancement

Brand Guidelines: Athletics

Primary Logo

The Athletic logo incorporates a variation of The Trident along with a custom typeface, called “Tritones”, designed specifically for Edmonds Community College. The type was designed to include only the letters for the mascot name, Tritons, and the Athletic “E.” Additional custom letters should not be designed/used.

The type can be used separately and extracted from the logo.

It consists of one-color: Pantone 3025 C (+ tints of 3025C)

Athletics primary logo

Additional Variations

Depending on your background color, The Trident in Cool Grey 11 may work better. For maximum contrast when using the type only, make sure to change the white type to Pantone 3025 (or its CMYK/RGB equivalent).

Aternate athletics logos


In order to preserve the shadows, convert the main logo to grayscale.

Athletic logo grayscale

Clear Space

The clear space requirement is designed to maintain the integrity of the logo. This ensures visibility and legibility. The minimum clear space of 1/6x should always be applied. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

clear space around the athletics logo

Incorrect Usage

Please don’t abuse, change or manipulate our logo in any way. Each element and color has its own purpose and we strive to keep our brand solid and consistent. The following are examples of what NOT to do with Edmonds Community College Athletics logos:

Incorrect usage change tints and shading

JUST SAY NO to losing all of the tints/shading

Incorrect logo usage change color

JUST SAY NO to changing the color palette

Incorrect usage background color with blue logo

JUST SAY NO to using Cool Grey 11 as the background color for The Trident Pantone 3025

Incorrect usage gray logo on gray background

JUST SAY NO to using Cool Grey 11 as the background color for The Trident Cool Grey 11


Our athletic logo must always be legible, clear and concise. In order to do this, we have specific minimum requirements for our logo via print and screen.


The minimum size for print is 1.75” wide. This ensures the best results in line weight and legibility in printed documents.

sizing athletics logo for print


The minimum size for screen is 160 pixels wide. This ensures the best results in line weight and legibility for the web.

sizing athletics logo for web