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Strategic Enrollment Management: CRM Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I log-in and use the new CRM?

A: We’ve got unlimited licenses, so anyone working with prospective students is welcome to use the system. If you’re interested in becoming a CRM end-user, you’ll want to begin by submitting a request through the IT change log. After that, we’ll get you a user ID and password, so you can log-on to the system. There are some easy-to-use resources (listed to the left) that will help you get started.

If you’re already a Radius User, you can log-in at If you’re having difficulty signing-in, or you’ve forgotten your log-in credentials/password, contact for help.

Q: If I’m a new user in Radius CRM, can I practice using various modules or features now that the system is “live?”

A: Yes, training or practicing inside the “live” system is absolutely okay, but here are a few important details that will help... 

  • NAME your work so that other system users can distinguish your practice files from actual prospects or cases. We’ve been using the following naming convention to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  • To add yourself as a practice Contact, add the word: DELETE to the end of your name. For example: Jane Doe DELETE.
  • When working in any module, begin by naming your work with your Initials, followed by the word: “Training.” Then add the name of the module or function that you’re learning. (i.e.: JD Training View, JD Training Email Template, or JD Training Inquiry Form).

Q: Can my department collect prospective student information with our own program inquiry form on the college website?

A: Yes. For branding purposes, all web-embedded inquiry forms running through the CRM will be created for you in College Relations. If you’d like an inquiry form, start by submiting a request through the IT change log. Once your form is up-and-running, we can work with you to understand best ways to interact with your prospective students in the system.

Q: How can I create email campaigns to be sent from my department?

A: For branding purposes, all mass email campaigns and communication plans will be designed for you. If you’re interested in developing a campaign, the best way to get started is to submit a request through the IT change log. Once your email template or communication plan is ready, it will be loaded into the CRM, were you can use (and re-use) it. You’ll find that your template is easy to edit, as needed. As an end users, you’ll always have access to adhoc email options, so that you can communicate with your prospective students, one-on-one.

Q: How can I add prospective students into the CRM?

A: If you’d like to bulk import students from spreadsheets, simply submit your list(s) through the SEM department. We will load it into the system for you. Contact

If you’re already a Radius user, you can add prospective students, one at a time, by using the quick create feature, or “+ New Contact” button found in the Contacts module. 

If you’re not a CRM system user, you’ll want to use the Data Entry for Prospective Students form, to add new Contact information.

Q: Can I use the CRM to plan an event?

A: Maybe. Since the Events Module is part of our second wave of implementation, we aren’t quite ready to use it just yet. Let’s talk about it! Contact:

Q: I’m confused about which data field to use to describe my prospective student’s interest. Should I use Program of Study, or Academic Interest?

A: These two data fields, Program of Study and Academic Interest, appear to be identical, but they were created for separate purposes. Academic Interest is a multi-select list designed for prospective students who are in the inquiry phase, and have not yet decided on a major course of study. When a student has applied and selected a program of study, they’ll have the same list of options to choose from, but can now only select one. This will not prevent them from changing their program after enrollment.

Q: Can I assign a new Owner to my Contact?

A: Yes, in most instances, you’ll be able to reassign Ownership to an appropriate CRM user by using the pull-down menu. If this feature is disabled at your desktop, we can make the change for you. Contact: