Program Codes Project

Program Codes Project

Last fall, a large cross-campus team worked together to create a technology solution to accurately and consistently capture students program of study. Being able to know what students are here to study will help us to support students better and have more accurate data about program demand.

The Logistics

We created a brief questionaire at the beginning of registration with just one question to confirm whether we have the correct code on file. If not, they are guided through choosing the correct code and submitting it for review. Each change is examined manually by Enrollment Services to first assess impact to funding sources. If there is no impact, the change is made in the HP Legacy system. Every quarter we get closer to accurate program codes. This solution is proposed to last until CTC Link is fully implemented, at which time we expect a similar process to be in place through the software. Kudos to the IT team, Enrollment Services, and all who helped pull this project together! 

Screen Shots

Program Codes Screen Shot