College Relations and Advancement

Student Voices Campaign

This January we will launch a project to conduct student focus groups to listen to how our students experience Edmonds CC. Our third strategic priority for the college is to improve the student experience—this project will help shape and guide our future initiatives.

Focus Groups

Nine 90-minute student focus groups will be conducted  will across four chapters of student progression.

Student Voices graphic

Facilitators and Sponsors

Stephanie Rothfuss, associate faculty in the Pre-College Division, is our project manager. Seven Triton Jumpstart associate faculty are being trained as focus group facilitators for this project by Cal Crow, of the Center for Learning Connections. The Student Voices Campaign is sponsored by Strategic Enrollment Management, Student Government, the Office of Instruction, and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. 

The Data

We have several current sources of quantitative data (such as the CCSSE and Gate graduation survey), but the most recent qualitative study dates back to 2011. Continuing to listen to students as we plan for the college's future is critical. We hope this data will be used by leaders across the college in strategic decision making, mission fulfillment, and as a measurable indicator for success. For more information, please contact Stephanie Rothfuss.