Capital Projects

Rose Mesec
Capital Projects Manager
Phone: 425.640.1420
Email: rose.mesec@edcc.edu

Stephanie Teachman
Director of Facilities and Capital Projects
Phone: 425.640.1495
Email: stephanie.teachman@edcc.edu


Monroe Hall - Electric: Winter 2018

Electrical upgrades will be made in Monroe Hall for the addition of more engineering program equipment.

Brier Hall - Student Lounge: Spring 2018

A student lounge will be built by enclosing the second floor deck area near the new Game Room. This is the second phase of the Brier Student Diversity Center project.

Siding repairs and repaint north campus buildings: Spring to Summer 2018

Project will be done in two phases with stucco repairs and repaint on Clearview and Malby scheduled for this spring. Siding repairs and repaint on Cedar and Olympic buildings scheduled in the summer.

Clearview building envelope repairs: Projected to start in Spring 2018 

Work will include sealing windows and stucco repairs to the south side of the Clearview Building.

SET Building: Projected to start late Spring/early Summer 2018

Exterior of the SET buildingThe Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Building is an exciting new student and faculty space that is coming to campus! The SET building is a three story building of nearly 70,000 square feet that will be situated at the north side of Mountlake Terrace. It will house several student study programs plus faculty offices. After the East Parking Lot first phase, mentioned below, the second phase is the site work that will take place in the area north of Mountlake Terrace to get everything ready for the new building.  Next is the key phase of constructing the building itself. Lastly the project will finish with more site and parking lot work.


Brier Hall - Student Diversity Center: Completed mid-September 2017

The Brier Student Diversity Center has expanded into its new home. The Diversity Center is in the newly remodeled space that formerly housed the Game Room. The Diversity Center includes reflection room and sitting areas. The Game Room is now in its own newly remodeled space on the second floor. It is over 1,100 square feet and includes pool tables, computer stations, TV monitors, sitting and gaming areas.

East Parking Lot: Completed mid-November 2017

This is the first phase that begins the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Building project. This phase of the project focused on the removal of the Pilchuck and Glacier buildings and the reconfiguration of Parking Lot E. This project added parking spaces to compensate for parking that will be lost near the new building site.

Relocatable Building H demolition: Dec 2017

Demolition of the Relocatable Building H that once housed the CIT program took place over the Winter break. 

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