Custodial: Scheduling a Move

Custodial Services can assist with most furniture moves.

** There are limitations for inhouse moves related to height, width and weight.  We cannot move personal items. For moves requiring lifting more than 50 lbs, staircarrys, or reconfiguration of panel systems the requesting department will need to hire moving company for assistance.

Computer equipment:  All computer equipment must be unplugged, and ready for transport, with small items boxed. Phones should be disconnected and packed as well. Please contact the Helpdesk@edcc.edu for assistance with these items.

Copy Machine: Please contact the Print & Mail Center for assistance in moving copy machines.

First step is to generate a work order request.

Fill out the form, including as many details as possible related to the move you are requesting, such as:

Size of Move:

  • Please let us know many rooms, offices/work stations, etc are moving.
  • Please give an estimate of how many desks, file cabinets, bookshelves, etc.
  • Let us know if you have anything unusual to move, or if you need special tools or equipment.


  • What date(s) would you prefer to move when you could be totally packed and ready?

Specific move information:

  • The building/Room # you are moving from is required.
  • The building/Room # you are moving to is required.

After we get this information, a work order will be issued and we will let you know if move is possible, and the date and approximate time that we can schedule the move.

Packing instructions can be found at:  U:\Facilities\Moving information

Some Helpful Information Regarding Moves: 

  • It is very helpful if you use boxes of uniform size and shape. For example, the boxes that reams of paper come in is perfect for packing. Please note: We do not have a supply of boxes to supply you with.
  • Please view the information in the facilities folder on the U Drive for specific information about packing, labeling, etc. Please be sure to measure your furniture and the future location to be sure your furniture will actually fit as you have indicated in your diagram.
  • We cannot be responsible for moving personal items, so please plan on moving your personal pictures, plants, etc. to your new locations yourself.

 If you need more information, or have questions, please see contact information box in upper right corner of this page.