Grounds: Recycling

Recycle related mandate: RCW 70.95.725

You have a role in supporting sustainability and ensuring our recycle program is successful!

Everyone's responsibility:

  • Empty small recycle containers into larger bins in common areas of the building prior to scheduled pick up day.  Resources do not allow for individual office pickup.  Please see collection schedule and additional information below.
  • Consider skipping the trash can in your private office and place all trash in larger container in common areas.  This could reduce the number of plastic bags being placed at the landfills. 

Thank you for recycling!


(Printable Schedule)

Day Building
Monday Clearview, Firdale, Maltby, Olympic, Seaview, Snoqualmie, Woodway second floor
Tuesday Brier, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo
Wednesday         Alderwood, Center for Families, Meadowdale, Millcreek, Snohomish, Woodway
Thursday Brier 286 and 287, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo
Friday Alderwood, Center for Families, Gateway, Monroe, Snohomish
Shredding containers are emptied throughout the week


Important reminders:

  • Place recycle containers outside classrooms the night before your scheduled collection day. We will not enter during class sessions. 
  • Rinse or empty recyclable items before placing in recycle bins.
  • Place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag and tie (no hole-punch materials please).  Please do not place shredded paper in recycle containers.
  • Separate batteries, metal, picture or broken glass and submit a work order request for pick up.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes and place next to recycle bins.
  • Place pizza boxes and paper plates into the compost bins (not recycle).
  • No liquid or bottle caps.
  • Planning a classroom/office event:  Place a Work Order request five business days in advance for compost containers and/or additional recycle bins. 
  • Additional recycling needs and end of quarter cleanout:  Place a Work Order request and make arrangement five business days or more in advance.

Confidential shredding pick up

Confidential shredding must be in locked shredding containers or boxed, securely taped shut and labeled.  Please contact us should a shredding collection is missed and we will pick up as soon as we have a staff available. 


  • Compost containers are green color and routine pick up service is limited to cafeteria and kitchen areas.
  • Food containers and utensils from the Edmonds CC Food Services are compostable. 
      • Food Waste - bread, pasta, grains, dairy products, eggshells, nutshells, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, shells, bones, tea bags, coffee grounds & filters. 
      • Food-Soiled Paper - Approved compostable tableware, compostable bags, food-soiled newspaper, uncoated paper bags with food scraps, uncoated paper plates, kitchen paper towels and napkins.

What Can I Recycle?

  • Aluminum, glass, plastic cans and bottles
  • Paper: all office paper, catalog, junk mail, magazine, newspaper, paper bag, paperboard, phone book, and shredded paper (place in clear bag and tie)
  • Cartons:  Boxboards (e.g. shoebox, gift box, cereal box), corrugated cardboard, unwaxed food packaging, paper towel roll, tissue box, and beverage cartons.
  • Other:  Battery, book (soft cover - remove hard cover), CD, folder, light bulb, and paper cup (remove lid)


Submit a Work Order request for pick up of batteries, metal, picture and laser jet ink cartridges.


  • Aluminum foil
  • Candy wrappers, chip bags, etc.
  • Bubble wrap, padded or lined envelopes
  • Food containers (Styrofoam, plastic wrap, waxed paper)
  • Food wrappers: coated, waxed, plastic, etc.
  • Human waste
  • Packing materials (Styrofoam, plastic)
  • Paper products from restroom environment
  • Plastic wrappers, bags and packaging materials
  • Plastic coffee cup lids
  • Straws
  • Used napkin, Kleenex, and paper towel

Materials Requiring Special Containers or Special Handling:

Contact Security or Recycling Crew for special container and handling for all SHARPS.

SHARPS: Blades, broken glass, nails, and razors.