Grounds: Recycling

At Edmonds Community College, everyone plays a role in supporting sustainability and insuring the recycle program's success!  

What we need from you...

  • Never place unclean recycle or trash in any recycle bin.  This spoils the whole container, which them must go to the landfill.  
  • Break down or flatten all cardboard prior to placing in or next to recycle bins.
  • Empty small recycle bins into larger bins in common areas of the building prior to scheduled pick up day. Resouces don't allow for individual office pickup.  See schedule and additional information below.
  • Consider skipping the trash can in your private office, and place all trash in larger container in common area each day.  Getting up from your desk is good for your health, and it could prevents hundreds of plastic bags from entering the landfills each year!

Recycle related mandates: RCW 70.95.725

Recycling and Shredding pick up schedule:

Day Building
Monday CLA, Firdale, Gateway, MAB, Monroe, , Olympic, Seaview, Monroe, Snoqualmie
Tuesday Alderwood, Brier, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Snohomish
Wednesday Center for Families, Meadowdale, Millcreek, Woodway
Thursday Alderwood, Brier 286 & 287, Lynnwood. Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Snohomish
Friday Confidential shredding – All buildings

Due to limited resources and staffing, the recycling staff will only pickup during scheduled times.

Additional Containers

If you need additional containers, please contact our Recycling Crew (see contact information box above, to the right) and they will deliver needed containers on their scheduled stop and pick-up on the following scheduled stop. You may also contact our Recycling Crew if you need to schedule a pick-up and return, or just a pick-up, for these extra containers.

We are limited to the number of extra containers and so they are distributed on a first-come first-served basis.


Confidential shredding must be labeled, boxed and taped shut. Our staff will make every effort to follow the shredding pick-up schedule, but there may be unintentional misses or misses due to lack of coverage. If a shredding pick-up is missed, please let our Recycling Crew know and we will include it in the next scheduled stop.

What Can I Recycle?

COMBINED RECYCLING - BLUE Recycling Containers

GARBAGE/TRASH - Garbage Cans

Aluminum cans

Batteries (call for pickup)




Computer paper

Computer paper wrappers

Confidential shredding

Construction paper



Glass (All colors)

Laser jet ink cartridges


Metal cans

Mixed paper (all colors & types)


Paper board (food boxes)

Phone books

Plastic beverage containers

Shredded paper

White paper

Candy wrappers

Food containers (Styrofoam, paper, plastic)

Food waste (apple core, orange peel, etc.)

Food wrappers

Human waste

Packing materials (Styrofoam, plastic)

Paper beverage cups

Paper towels

Plastic bags




Compostable food service containers and utensiles provided by EdCC food services

Food itmes

Additional info: cedar-grove.com/docs/cg_food_compostables.pdf



Materials Requiring Special Containers or Special Handling:

Contact Security or Recycling Crew (see contact information box in upper right corner of page) for special container and handling for all SHARPS.


Broken Glass