Human Resources

Forms and Processes



Tuition Waiver Process (for Classes at Edmonds CC)

  • Employee Tuition Waiver Request Form
  • NOTE: Eligible employees can take classes at other Washington State public institutions. Please contact individual institutions for information on their Tuition Waiver process.

Reporting Jury Leave

  • If you receive a summons for Jury Duty report it to your supervisor immediately.
  • If you do serve, you will receive a document from the court stating your days of service.
  • After you have received your document from the court, submit it to HR via campus mail.
  • Complete a leave slip via TLR/Liquid Office, reporting the time as "Civil Duty".

Exit Procedure (Exit Procedure Form)

  • Supervisor is responsible for immediate notification of separation to Human Resources.
  • Human Resources is responsible for initiating and following through with the exit process.
  • Employee is responsible for returning all College equipment and supplies and for completing the exit interview.
  • Department is responsible for ensuring the return of College equipment and supplies.