Human Resources


Typical Expectations for Full-time Faculty Positions

Faculty contribute content expertise in one or more subject areas to support the achievement of identified learning outcomes in courses and programs, as well as the College Wide Abilities.

1) Facilitate a learning centered environment by:

  • Providing instruction to students through various delivery methods, including classroom/laboratory instruction, eLearning, and learning community activities.
  • Utilizing teaching strategies that facilitate student learning and student success.
  • Preparing clear and measurable objectives, course syllabi, course materials and learning experiences for each course.
  • Maintaining appropriate course records and documentation.
  • Designing, developing, assessing, and overseeing program curricula.
  • Implementing assessment measures that achieve course, program, and college learning outcomes, and using the results to strengthen the curricula.
  • Maintaining office hours.
  • Providing academic advising and mentoring students.
  • Participating in outreach for student recruitment and access to services.
  • Maintaining current knowledge within the appropriate discipline and within the teaching profession.

2) Support the goals and objectives of the college through:

  • Meeting requirements for specific programs and for accreditation.
  • Participating in college-sponsored professional development activities, college wide meetings and department/division/faculty meetings.
  • Supporting articulation initiatives with regional schools and colleges.
  • Promoting student recruitment, retention, and successful completion of programs.
  • Maintaining ongoing communications with community organizations, other local colleges, and public agencies in support of student learning.
  • Participating in college leadership, governance, and operational activities.
  • Working collaboratively with colleagues, staff, and community members.
  • Serving on college committees.
  • Complying with college policies, rules, and procedures.
  • Performing other duties as assigned.