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It is the policy of Edmonds Community College (EdCC) to provide educationally-related work assignments for student volunteers and interns. While performing his or her assigned duties, a college volunteer is an agent of the college; therefore, college volunteers must abide by all college policies that govern conduct and standards, safety requirements, financial responsibility, and confidentiality.

Individuals shall be considered volunteers only when their services are offered freely and without pressure of coercion, direct or implied, from the college. All volunteer opportunities must be entered into without promise or expectation of compensation, future employment, or other tangible benefit. Volunteers do not supplant college employees.

College volunteers are not considered employees for any purpose and are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Volunteers are not eligible for any college benefits and are not covered under the college Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Unemployment Compensation Insurance programs except for reimbursement of expenses. In the event of a change in status from a volunteer position to a paid position, no credit will be given to a former volunteer for time spent in a non-remunerative status with respect to seniority, benefit, or retirement programs.


Intern: Any person who provides services by personal choice without financial gain and who is sponsored by an educational institution for the purpose of learning about and gaining experience in a work assignment directly related to the course of study.

Volunteer: Any individual who provides ongoing services by personal choice without financial gain. For the purposes of the policy, “volunteer” applies to both interns and volunteers unless otherwise specified.


The following procedures are required to ensure compliance with college policies. All volunteers must follow this procedure.

Selecting and Engaging a Volunteer


The Internship Coordinator:

Human Resources/Payroll Offices:


Dismissal of Volunteer

The college may, at any time and for whatever reason, and at its sole discretion, terminate a volunteer’s relationship with the college.