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Participate in an important assessment survey

Participate in an important assessment survey



Employees are encouraged to complete an important survey that will help the college evaluate assessment, information sharing, planning, and student learning outcomes.

To access the link from Survey Monkey, refer to an email sent to campus Oct. 8 by James Mulik, director of Evaluation and Assessment Accreditation Liaison Officer.

The Title III federal education grant ended on Sept. 30. This survey is in order to close out that grant and act as a follow-up to the last four years of Evaluating Edmonds surveys.

The survey has 25 questions, and closes at 11 a.m. Nov. 10.

All answers remain anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself in the open-ended responses. In other words, the results are summarized and cannot be traced back to their source. You are encouraged to answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully.