Title IX: Learn what is it and what you have to do

Title IX: Learn what it is and what you have to do



Faculty: Let Barbara Pardo know in advance if you're bringing a class or assigning it.

How much do you know about Title IX? If you attended convocation, you’ll recall that Tonya Drake, Special Assistant to the President for Equity and Inclusion, presented a compelling overview (watch a slideshow).

Here’s your chance to learn more, as ODET (Organizational Development and Employee Training) and the Counseling Resource Center provide Title IX training Wednesday, Oct. 30.

"Understanding Title IX is important to ensure our campus community knows that gender discrimination and sexual harassment are prohibited under the law," said Drake. "We can and will work collectively to keep our campus safe where all individuals feel welcomed, included, and respected."

The training is from 2:30-4 p.m. in Snoqualmie Hall 113. Drake will be at the presentation to answer questions, but the presenters will be Sheryl Copeland and Chris Hudyma.

Employees will learn:
    •    What Title IX is;
    •    How Title IX impacts our college, employees, and students;
    •    Our college procedures for reporting and addressing issues with a focus on sexual harassment;
    •    The responsibility to be aware and report Title IX issues; and
    •    About answers to frequently asked questions.

This training is highly recommended for college employees and students. Email barbara.pardo@edcc.edu to reserve your seat.