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Learning Objectives

Certificate and Degree Outcomes Link Example:

This course is part of a certificate or a degree. Outcomes for Edmonds Community College degrees and certificates can be found in the online college catalog (http://catalog.edcc.edu) at the bottom of each degree or certificate. To find specific outcomes, click on the Degrees and Certificates link and select a program from the list.

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Assignments and Grading

Assessment and Grading Component Examples:

Reference to eLearning: Exact assignments and point distribution information is located in the eLearning course. Due dates are also indicated with the ASSIGNMENT.

Point Distribution:

Reading assignments from the textbook (50 points)
Reading assignments from online articles and websites (30 points)
Attendance (10 points—1 point for each on campus class) (10 points)

eLearning participation: Points are earned by: eLearning (30 points) class participation, including Discussion Board posting
(1 point a week), sharing information (1 time a week), and adding new resources to the Resource List (1 point a week).

(30 points)
A group project (40 points)
Quizzes (4) (40 points)
Final exam (40 points)
Total Points:

240 Points

Points will be earned for each of four areas: Two research papers,(30 points each), one group project (30 points), and one final exam (10 points). The rubrics for each of these areas are located within each assignment in the eLearning class site.

Optional Information

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If inclement weather prevents me from getting to campus (and the college is open), I will leave a message on my voice mail (provide your phone number) and/or an announcement in our eLearning class and/or send you an email message and/or leave a message with our division staff (provide phone number). I will try to get this information to you as early as possible so you don't come to campus and find that the class has been canceled. However, be sure to check the college's website to see if the college is closed and all classes are canceled.