Required Components are marked with an asterisk(*)!

Official Course Title from College Catalog*


  • Quarter, Year course is offered (Example: Fall, 2014)
  • Number of Credits
  • Time, Class Days or Course Mode:
    • Class Times and Days, or
    • Online Course, or
    • Hybrid Course with assigned meeting times, or
    • Online Course with meeting times.
  • Course Description: Enter the catalog course description from the Edmonds CC academic catalog: (full URL:
  • Prerequisites: (if applicable)


  • Instructor Name.
  • Office Hours: (if applicable).
  • Office Location: (if applicable).
  • Phone: Your Edmonds CC phone number.
  • Email: Your Edmonds CC email address.
  • Best Way to Contact You: Describe your preferred means of communication (Edmonds CC email, Canvas, Edmonds CC phone) and when students should expect a response.


  • Textbook Title, Author, Publisher, Date of Publication and ISBN number.
  • Edmonds CC Bookstore: (full URL:
  • Required and/or Optional Materials: (This could include a computer and access to the internet, books on reserve in the library, a calculator, etc.)
  • Computer Resources: Computers are available in a wide variety of locations across campus. The campus also has a wireless network available for students. See computer facilities (full URL: for a complete list of locations and resources, and see START at for student technical assistance.


  • List all official Course-level Learning Objectives (CLOs). Course-level Learning Objectives (CLOs) for all courses are in the course descriptions in the online academic catalog: (full URL: You may list additional CLOs, but only in addition to the official objectives.
  • Certificate and Degree (Program-level) Learning Outcomes (PLOs). This course is part of a certificate or a degree, and assesses student achievement of these specific outcomes:

Outcomes for Edmonds CC degrees and certificates can be found in the online college catalog (full URL: embedded within each degree or certificate. To find specific outcomes, click on the Degrees and Certificates link and select a program from the list.


Use one of these samples to describe the mode of your course:

  • Online Course Sample Description: This is an online course. Classroom time is replaced by content and activities that take place in a managed online classroom (eLearning class). However, the contact hours are flexible and assignments and communication can take place at home or any place with a computer and Internet access. Generally, online classes do not require campus visits (unless stated here). For more information about taking an online class, visit eLearning at EdCC (full URL:
  • Hybrid Course Sample Description: This is a hybrid course. A hybrid course is a combination of traditional classroom activities as well as online instruction. Some classroom time is replaced by content and activities that take place in a managed online eLearning classroom. (Describe specific meeting times and activities as well as expectations for online activities). For more information about taking a class a Hybrid course, visit eLearning at EdCC (full URL:
  • eLearning Enhanced Course Sample Description: This class is supplemented with aneLearning class website. Those resources include the following...



Edmonds CC students shall demonstrate Academic Integrity. I am expected to report all violations of Academic Integrity (cheating and plagiarism) to the College. The College's database of such incidents will be monitored by the Office of the Vice President for Student Services. Data will be maintained for three years. Evidence of repeat incidents will result in additional action by the Office of the Vice President for Student Services as governed by the Student Code of Conduct. In this class, cheating and plagiarism will result in an assignment or grade penalty ranging from (insert minimum penalty here) to (insert maximum penalty here). A second incident in this class will result in an assignment or grade penalty ranging from (insert minimum penalty here—must be at least a zero on the assessment) to (insert maximum penalty here).



If you require an accommodation for a disability, please contact Services for Students with Disabilities at MLT 159, 425.640.1320 or


  • Explain what students can expect of you as an instructor and what students need to know to be successful in your class. Describe how you will manage your class as well as your vision for student success in your class.
  • If this is an online or hybrid course, you should include the following, "Successful completion of student responsibilities in this class requires online access to Canvas. You are expected to log in to your online classroom at least XX times per week for a minimum of XXX hours. Instructions for access to Canvas and student technical support (full URL:


Useful Student Resources (full URL:

Academic Calendar (full URL:

Advising (full URL:

Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (full URL:

College Policies and Procedures (full URL:

Counseling and Resource Center (full URL:

Diversity Student Center (full URL:

eLearning Information (full URL:

Enrollment Services (full URL:

Library, including online resources (full URL:

Services for Students with Disabilities (full URL:

Student Printing Information (full URL:

Student Support Resources (full URL:

TRIO (full URL:

Title IX and Gender Discrimination

Emergency Preparedness*

The Triton Alert System  (full URL: will be used to send notifications regarding campus closures, emergency situations, or evacuation orders in the event of an emergency or inclement weather. Edmonds CC students and employees are automatically enrolled to receive Triton Alerts through their college email addresses. Sign up to receive text and voice messages on your mobile or home phones and/or additional email notifications to personal email addresses.

Include your plan for communication in the event of inclement weather or similar event.

Important Dates*

List last day to withdraw, final exam day, and registration openings for the coming quarters. (Provide link to Edmonds CC Academic Calendar:

Course Calendar*

List important dates and milestones for course, including tentative assignment due dates, exams, and other class activities.

Please see the Department Chair for other information and specific criteria for your Department.