Compliance Training

Compliance Training

To help employees understand the federal, state, and/or college policies they are held accountable for, Edmonds Community College has designated several trainings as mandatory for all college employees.

Every employee is required by the college to complete compliance training consisting of six courses: Diversity Basics, State Ethics, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Workplace Civility and Respect Policy, and the Alcohol and Drug-Free Policy.

Please see our site on incident reporting for additional reporting resources.

Instructions for Compliance Training

  1. Follow the steps to review the material and then take the quiz following each course (The Workplace Civility and Respect Policy is read only).
  2. When submitting your completion, the link will take you to the Training Tracker where you will login with the same username and password that you use for accessing campus email.
  3. If you encounter problems logging in, contact the Helpdesk at x1234.
  4. The completion will automatically be added to your employee training record.
    Exception: those who​ submit time sheets or are part-time will not have a training record. Completions will not automatically be recorded in the Training Tracker. ​Print a copy of the completion page, date and sign it​ and submit to your supervisor for documentation.​
  1. To check if completions were recorded, click the REFRESH button and then log in again     to:
  2. Click on View My Compliance Training Status
  3. Use this link at any time to check the status of compliance training as well as other ODET training you have completed.