Employee Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention

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Hello! Thank you for joining this course. You are about to take an online, mandatory training course on the prevention of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace and classroom. This is an approximately 60-90 minute course to help you understand your roles and responsibilities in preventing sexual harassment.


This training’s focus is to:

  1. raise awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace;
  2. help participants understand laws, policies and expectations governing sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the education environment;
  3. review proactive measures to avoid sexual harassment; and
  4. provide procedures to follow if someone witnesses or reports an incident of sexual harassment or misconduct in the workplace or classroom.


By the end of this training participants will:

  • Learn the legal definition of sexual harassment, the employee’s and student’s right to a harassment-free environment
  • Gain an understanding of who can be involved in sexual harassment incidents and how to deal with them when they are witnessed or reported
  • Understand laws, policies and expectations surrounding sexual harassment and sexual misconduct
    Review employee responsibilities and proactive measures to avoid sexual harassment
  • Understand how to report sexual harassment issues utilizing Edmonds Community College’s complaint procedure

There are two portions to this training module:

  1. Information and training that is specific to Edmonds Community College. You will find this information on the next page. It includes details on reporting incidents, our policies and where to find further information; and
  2. An interactive training module, which takes about an hour to complete, that provides users with a fundamental understanding of the objectives listed above.