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Canvas Roles

What your role is in a Canvas course dictates what actions you can take.  There are seven (7) different roles that an account in Canvas can have for a course.  This page provides details about those roles and what types of actions that each role can take.

Faculty and Staff can refer to the list below for a description of each role we have established at Edmonds CC for Canvas.

Request Access to a Canvas Course

A request must be generated by the Lead Instructor of the course, the Department Chair, the Division Dean, or Office of Instruction authorizing the addition of a non-enrolled users: non-employee, faculty, or student to a Canvas course.  Completing the Canvas Course Add/Drop form will satisfy this requirement.

The Canvas Course Add/Drop form has been created to assist authorized staff and faculty to initiate the course enrollment request process.  Staff and Faculty will need to log into their @email.edcc.edu account in order to use the form.


 Canvas Course Roles

Learn how course-role and account-role permissions work in Canvas.