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Canvas Supporting Information

The information on this page is updated each quarter and will provide details that will help support your activities within Canvas.

Canvas Releases

Canvas updates their software every three weeks, these updates fix bugs, provide enhancements and/or add new features, find out about the latest and greatest features in Canvas.

Canvas Term Dates

Term Dates are set at the account level and apply to all courses associated with a specific term by default.  If your course follows the normal quarterly start and end date cycle, these dates will be applied automatically to your course and require no further action on your behalf.  

For courses that do not follow the normal quarterly start and end date cycle, instructors can override these dates at the course level within the Course Settings page.  

Caution: adjustments to your course start and end dates will impact student access and participation.

Spring 2017 - SIS ID: S17

Summer 2017 - SIS ID: SU17

Fall 2017 - SIS ID: F17

Integrated into Canvas

The following apps have been integrated within Canvas and are available for use with any course.

Contact the TRC with your questions about Canvas extensions, term dates or new releases. 

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