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Care Team

What is the Care Team?

If you see something, say somethingThe Care Team (formerly the Behavioral Intervention Team/BIT) is a team of administrators from student services,  instruction and safety and security that receive incident reports of students that may be experiencing difficult situations or displaying concerning behavior.

The goal of the Care Team is to coordinate support, resources, and advocacy for our students to promote student success and retention.  Additionally, the Care Team supports staff and faculty by mediating conflict involving students that occurs on campus, in connection with college sponsored activities  or in the classroom.

report a concern  


  • Receive and assess incident reports of situations and/or students of concern;
  • Refer and connect students to resources and support services;
  • Follow up and consult  with staff and faculty regarding how to best support the student inside and outside of the classroom;
  • Provide support and guidance for staff and faculty directly involved;
  • Identify patterns of concerning behavior in order to intervene with students who may be escalating to the point of harm to self or others;
  • Conduct assessments of threats to self or others;
  • Promote a culture of campus reporting that empowers our community to recognize, manage, and report concerning, disruptive, threatening, and/or harmful behaviors;
  • Track reports  of concerning student behavior to identify and respond to patterns of behavior or trends.

When To File an Incident Report

It is important that we promote a culture of reporting on our campus in order to maintain a safe campus community as well as connecting students with much needed resources. Examples of the types of reports that should be sent to the Care Team are as follows:

  • Health and wellness concerns
  • Safety concerns
  • Concern of suicide
  • Disruptive or concerning behavior*
  • Student conduct violations*
  • Threats of harm to others*
  • Any additional concerns not stated above

*These reports are referred to the student conduct process for response and action.

Team Members

Jessica Burwell | Director of the Counseling and Resource Center (CRC)
Diana Chernisky | Assistant Director of Counseling and Wellness
Craig Kerr | Director for Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
Luke Botzheim | Director for Housing and Residence Life
Lisa Thompson | Executive Director for International Student Services (ISS)
Dr. Carey Schroyer | Dean of STEM
Jade Jeter-Hill | Director for Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness (SSEP)
Jorge de la Torre | Dean, Student Engagement, Interim Student Conduct Officer
Vincent Livingston | Emergency Preparedness Manager (SSEP)
Lucas Moe | EdCAP Advising Manager