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Planning, Research, and Assessment

James Mulik

My name is James (Jim) Mulik and I am the Executive Director of Planning, Research, and Assessment and oversee the Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment (OPRA). | 425.640.1610

Most of my time is spent working with others at the college to help tell the story of the college to external people, such as the state and federal governments; people from other colleges who inspect the college, and potential students and their families. These stories include statistics about the college and its students, evidence of the quality of programs, and comments and feedback conveyed through surveys.

While I am originally from Kansas City, I have strong connections to Micronesia, particularly the nation of Kiribati where my wife is from and where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer several years ago.

Wenlan JingHi! My name is Wenlan Jing and I am the Institutional Researcher — Modeling and Reporting Specialist | 425.640.1002

Work responsibilities include conducting institutional research studies for decision making purposes, providing sound and robust data analysis, predictive modeling, and information management for college administrators and faculty, and responding to information requests from internal and external entities.

I am originally from China and came to the U.S. for grad school in 2002. I graduated from Arizona State University with a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. I enjoy hiking and biking with my husband and son, and working out in Zumba classes.

Joe DugganHi! I’m your ever friendly Decision Support Specialist! | 425.640.1053

If you were looking for: information on how many students we have on campus, which programs had the most enrollments or (say) student demographics such as ethnicity or average age, you’d probably want to come looking for me.

I like cycling and am learning to play the banjo with the help of a tennis ball. Banjos are complicated!(Resonator, Open Back , Tenor , Plectrum ... and then there's playing styles: clawhammer, Scruggs, have alternate thumb rolls, reverse rolls, forward rolls, sausage rolls....mmmm...I'm suddenly hungry...)