Triton Connect


Triton Connect (starfish) is a tool designed to enhance the way Edmonds College works across campus to help students be successful by fostering communication and connection between instructors, students, advisors and other support services.

  • Faculty and staff can easily view students’ progress toward academic goals, identify roadblocks to success and intervene when students are struggling.
  • Students receive real-time feedback, encouragement/acknowledgement through flags and kudos and can easily connect to faculty, advisors and staff through a network of information and support services.

Through Triton Connect, YOU can:

  • Acknowledge your student’s performance and progress throughout the entire quarter.
    • When a student earns special recognition for improvement or good work, use Starfish to send a kudo (positive reinforcement) celebrating their efforts.
    • If a student begins to struggle, you can raise a flag (early alert) to notify them at the very first sign of getting off the path. Flags are opportunities for students to get support and develop a plan for getting back on the right path.
  • Initiate a referral to the appropriate campus resources when students require assistance outside of the classroom.
  • Activate a network of support that extends well beyond the classroom by engaging with more students more frequently to promote their academic success.

When we help students complete individual courses, we increase persistence. Ultimately, better retention and persistence will lead to more students graduating and transferring - a critical achievement for students hoping to improve their quality of life and supporting Edmonds College's Mission, Core Themes and Vision.