ctcLink Project

Project Team

Edmonds Community College has a small involved team that is leading the implementation of ctcLink. This team is busy planning, communicating, and coordinating activities involved with implementing ctcLink on the Edmonds campus. They are also in direct communication with the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) following the project at a more intricate level as other schools deploy into the PeopleSoft environment before Edmonds.

Ligia CicosLigia Cicos

Director of Organizational Change and Project Management

Leah LeggettLeah Leggett

ctcLink Project Functional Analyst


Additionally, a Steering Team has been created to help manage and lead the campus community through the process of change. The Steering Team consists of members from a variety of departments across campus who meet regularly to work on preparing Edmonds Community College to have the most successful implementation across the state!

There are also many subject matter experts (SMEs) who have been called upon to participate in some preparation already and will continue to play a key role throughout implementation activities due to their expertise in various aspects across the campus.

ctcLink Organizational Chart

ctcLink Org Chart