ctcLink Project

What is ctcLink?

Edmonds Community College will be transitioning to a new software system called ctcLink. ctcLink is the implementation of a single, centralized system of online functions to give students, faculty, and staff anytime, anywhere access to a modern, efficient way of doing their college business. It is much more than a new software. As the current 35-year-old administrative system is replaced, all of the community colleges will also align their core business processes with the delivered software solution, making for streamlined, standardized practices across the 34-college system.

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Once implemented, all employees and students will use the new ctcLink system. It will replace the current way we enroll for classes, manage courses, process payroll and much more.

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Project News and Updates

Follow us here as we share the latest news and information about ctcLink. We will be ramping up with more posts as we get closer to Edmonds' Go Live of the system.

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Project Resources

Learn how to sync up with the Edmonds Community College Project Team's calendar. Get logged into a Canvas Fundamentals course. Review our campus' current processes . Get to know the resources and training opportunities available for our campus to be engaged and at the forefront of this transition.

Upcoming Events

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Meetings

February 20, 3-4:30 p.m.

Calling all Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)! Join us at the next SME meeting for discussions on the latest and greatest information about how the ctcLink project is progressing across the state, and the steps Edmonds is taking to produce a smooth transition from Legacy to PeopleSoft. Please RSVP to the calendar invite or contact the project team.

Project Activities

Business Process Fit/Gap Sessions (BPFGs)

December 2 - April 27

These sessions are in-person at the State Board offices or the South Seattle Georgetown campus. They will also be available via WebEx. Take a look at the session schedule here!

Remember that the Global Design Acceptance courses (GDAs)  are available to everyone, yet mandatory prerequisites for SMEs attending the coordinated BPFGs. If you are attending a BPFG, check this crosswalk to know which GDAs you should complete.

Future State:

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BPFGs in the week of Jan 27:

CS Student Groups & Service Indicators | FIN Purchasing | 
CS Enrollment Processes | CS End of Term Processes

BPFGs in February

FIN A/P | HCM Payroll | FIN Billing & A/R | CS/FIN Charge Codes & Speed Types | FIN Treasury | HCM Faculty Workload |
FIN Grants/Contracts/Project Costing | FIN Travel & Expense | HCM Talent Acquisition Mgmt

BPFGs postponed to April

CS 3Cs, Message Center & Uploading Documents |
CS Credentials Evaluations | FA Application Processing | CS Term Fees, Course & Class Fees, Optional Fees | CS Academic Advising | FA Awards & Packaging | CS Special Populations |
CS Mobile Application | FA Pell Loans, SNG, CBS, & Work Study | CS Priorities & Waivers | FA SAP/R2T4 & State and Federal Reporting | CS Cashiering & Collections | FA Dual Processing |
CS 3rd Pary Contracts & Payment Plans | CS Item Types Lifecycle with GL | HCM Absence Mgmt