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ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 4

In this fouth edition of the Edmonds ctcLink newsletter you'll find a fun challenge to help make you a wee bit more knowledgeable about the coming software.  Find your lucky shamrock, Get ready... Get set... GO!

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March SME Meeting: Managing Change

March 19, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

February SME Meeting: Data Governance and Cleanup

February 21, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 3

Welcome to the third edition of the Edmonds CC ctcLink newsletter! Please read on for updates and information about the project to stay engaged and informed

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January SME Meeting: Deployment Decisions

January 22, 2019

SME Meeting Slide Deck

ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 2

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2nd edition of the Edmonds Community College ctcLink newsletter! More great information about the project to keep all Tritons engaged.

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ctcLink CliffsNotes | issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Edmonds Community College ctcLink newsletter! Each month you'll read some great articles about the project status, managing change, collaboration with Guided Pathways, and learn key terminology that will come with the update.

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December SME Meeting: Cheese or Cake?

December 5, 2018

SME Meeting Slide Deck

Initiation Phase Kickoff

November 7, 2018

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us today in the TRC to kickoff Edmonds' entry into the Initiation Phase of ctcLink! More than 70 people stopped by to gain further understanding, mitigate their fears, and share their expectations.

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Planning for the Future

September 13, 2018

In 1980s, disco was hot, the Cold War was not, and video games became immensely popular. That same period, a state-of-the art higher education software now known as CEI Plus was revolutionizing the way WA state colleges managed their student services, instruction, financial and human resources activities.

Today, you can still find disco music and video games, but the mainframe-based CEI Plus will become a thing of the past with the transition to the latest version of cloud-based enterprise resource planning software from Oracle PeopleSoft.

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Presentation to Dr. Singh

August 7, 2018

A presentation prepared by the Director of Organizational Change and Project Management, Ligia Cicos and Executive Director of Information Technology and eLearning, Eva Smith presented to our new President, Dr. Singh.

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