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ctcLink Project news, updates, and activities for Washington State community and technical colleges.

Crosswalks and Glossaries

Review the terms to get familiar with PeopleSoft terminology, or as our team calls it, PEOPLESPEAK.

ctcLink Reference Center

This site houses all the Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) to aid users in understanding various PeopleSoft business process. The Reference Center is organized by PeopleSoft pillar area and is easy to search.

Canvas - PeopleSoft Fundamentals

A course in Canvas has been created to introduce the fundamentals of ctcLink (PeopleSoft). PeopleSoft is the name of the software internally known across campus as ctcLink. By the end of this course the you should have a basic understanding of what ctcLink is and how to navigate throughout the system. Course information includes an overview of ctcLink, Frequently Asked Questions, videos relating to navigating the system, as well as additional resources such as Terms and Concepts, Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and Navigation Guides. If you are interested in joining this class please reach out to the Project Team and they will be pleased to add you to the course!

Current Process Documentation

The Edmonds Community College ctcLink project team visited departments throughout the campus to document current business processes in preparation for the statewide software conversion to PeopleSoft /ctcLink. The team focused on processes that use the Legacy system (CEI Plus) and supporting software systems and databases.

Common Process Workshops

The Common Process Workshop initiative was developed by a core team of Project Managers from several different colleges, including Edmonds. The goal of common process development is to reach agreement on best-practice ctcLink processes and configurations. They are designed to create a better business process, and reduce variability. This will in turn improve troubleshooting, training, testing and data quality resulting in improved conversion and sustained success. There are about 60 processes that have been identified for a 3-day Common Process Workshop, over 25 of which have been completed. Edmonds Tritons have a 100% attendance record with this initiative.

Testing Sites

Campus Solutions (CS) Pillar

Finance (FIN) Pillar

Human Capital Management (HCM) Pillar